Prosecco Vs Cava

Shouldn’t we all be drinking more champagne?

Of course we should, because life is short, the sun rose today and someone always deserves a toast - especially ourselves.

Now, the majority of us are not rollers or moguls who can afford to drink Bollinger like it’s Poland Spring so it will often come down to the categories of Prosecco and Cava to satisfy the jones for the fizz.

If you follow the buying patterns, Prosecco seems to win the sales wars but ask anyone in the wine industry and they will opt for good Cava every time.

Cava is inherently drier and made in the same method as Champagne so when presented with the choice, “we” know what to do but is there a case to be made for Prosecco?

Here are 3 Proseccos and 3 Cavas  that would make a lively battleground / reason to party for the debate.



Check out this article from Vinepair for greater insight into the debate…

George Feaver
PJ’s Wine Director