The 12 by 12 for less than 25

The $25 bottle with the $40 bottle taste and class.

We are looking for it, you are looking for it, the whole world is looking for it.

Generally when we at PJs find wines that seem to fit this equation, we jump all over them and take a strong position.

And that leads us what we would call the perfect drinking/holding cellar.

12 different wines - 12 bottles of each…
Ranging from $9.99-$24.99 a bottle
A fun game to play for sure!

And so...

These are the 12 wines (not in particular order) I would buy by the case to drink now OR lay away.

These are all wines that will have development curves that I would love to follow… they are also wines that start off less than $25 and will discount further.

  1. The Classic Italian - Berberani Rosso
  2. The Everyday White - Maria Papoila Vinho Verde
  3. The Summer into Fall Red - Costador Terroirs Trepat
  4. The Bloody Earthy Smoky Red - Jeanne Gaillard VdP Syrah
  5. The Versatile Richer White - Terras Gauda O Rosal
  6. The Everyday Red - Aphillanthes VdP Vaucluse
  7. The Classic Left Bank - Fourcas-Dupre Listrac-Medoc
  8. The Rose in Full - Terre Nere Etna Rosato
  9. The Electric Acid Riesling - Peter Lauer Barrel X
  10. The exotic yet traditional white - Grand Enclos Graves Blanc
  11. The elusive Just Right Pinot Noir - Copain Pinot Noir
  12. Steaks on the Grill - Bodegas Colome Malbec Autentico